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Natural Farming Videos

Step into the World of Veda Bharat Natural Farming

Veda Bharat Natural Farming has a purpose. The purpose that propels them to start working towards the impossible.

WE want to build a strong and resilient generation of Indians and humans in the current era. By providing access to potent naturally grown desi rice variants.

Veda Bharat Natural Farming currently grows more than 19 almost extinct desi rice variants which once were the staple food of Indians.

Know your Desi Rice - Delhi Basmathi I Veda Bharat Natural Farming

Dhilli Basmati ( Delhi Basmati) stands among the few precious Desi Rice variants found on the Indian land.

Once a favourite of Indian farmers - Delhi Basmathi is known for its' pleasing aroma and is used in making Pulao, Biryani and rice-based cuisines.

Veda Bharat grows 19 varieties of almost extinct desi rice varieties using natural farming practices.